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AWTE goes to Ireland

With so many marvellous women in the Industry doing so well and AWTE going from strength to strength we have had a request from Ireland to share what we do at AWTE. Then we can find out if our membership services can be extended to our closest neighbours.

We are not launching at this stage, simply sharing what we do and how we can do it with women focused on their own development who could use a great support network. Then we can decide what the best and most beneficial course action from AWTE is and do what we do best – take action! The AWTE Chair Debbee Dale said “The fact that women in Ireland have been so proactive with our involvement tells us that we can help support them and we would be delighted to do so”.

The AWTE will give a short presentation on what we do and find out from those attending how they feel we could work with them to offer our support . We are holding the event at Dublin Airport, in the fantastic Platinum Suite, so as well as getting to know about AWTE our participants can find out some more from Dublin Airport and this fantastic Platinum service, network and share their ideas, wants and needs with a group of like minded people.

Sharing, supporting and recognition is our main focus. We would be delighted to take our Association to Ireland and hope there is an appetite to launch with our present board and a group of incredible Irish ambassadors motivated and dedicated to highlight our amazing women in the Industry. Lorraine Quinn from Celebrity has been very involved in getting this initial event off the ground and states “As a woman in the industry I feel it would a fantastic opportunity to gain from the AWTE, we often see and hear about their development sessions and networking events, so why not take part and benefit from this ourselves.”


Andrew Wright
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